Class beginnings

As part of my attempt to combine both my EPHE 310 for generalist PE teachers and my EDCI 336 Educational technology for generalist teachers I have used iPads in my first EPHE 310 course.  Based on the Google survey completed by students I selected two students to be the team spirit roles based on use to using iPads and used iMovie.  Also, two students were given the role as team managers as they were the first sign up and seem to be on top of my requests to pre-course tasks.  Two students have already completed the task and uploaded the videos to the class Youtube channel I set-up.  See video playlist below.

The trailers really caught the excitement of the class and the focus on team building, social interaction and problem solving to overcome a task.  Needed more time to debrief on what students learned but it was a good start.  Admin tasks associated with readings and recording a clip about themselves were all completed.

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